girl with ombre studs

Statement Piece Hand Painted Stud Earrings!

Hello all!! So in 2012 I created a jewely line called, "Wearable Abstracts." I took my love for painting and design and created a line of hand painted earring studs. They did pretty well, but as I was working on my degree some aspects of my art went to the back burner. I started to focus more on my illustrations and paintings and less on my jewely line. Now that its almost been a year since graduation and I am getting…


Bubble Painting | Nostalgia Series

As I was sitting in my studio looking through Pinterest, trying to spark ideas for my next painting, I thought of my childhood. I started to reminisce on the simple things I enjoyed as a kid. Like catching butterflies, and blowing bubbles! Then the idea to create a series called "Nostalgia" came to mind. I want to make a series of paintings that remind me of my childhood and take me back to blissful times of adolescence. The first painting…

Girl in thought pic

Girl in Thought

So I started a Youtube channel a few days go, on December 23rd to be exact! I want to share my very first video which is painted in Water color and Gouache, two of my favorite mediums! Check out the video below and feel free to subscibe to my channel!! Live. Design. Inspire! Have a wonderful night!! -Courtney Simone-


Periscope…Has the Hype Subsided?

Hello Art Friends!! When it comes down to business and branding, what social media networks do you use to stay afloat? As for me, I have been focusing mainly on Instagram though I do have a facebook and Twitter. Speaking of Twitter, I was wondering if any of you have dabbled in Periscope yet, which is owned by Twitter. Normally, I am not the one to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to the next big social media app on…


Original Artwork

Hi art Friends, These paintings are available on my Etsy Shop. Both of these paintings are in acrylic paint. "ELEPHANT" 12x16 "Woman in the City" 16x20 I was inspired by bright vibrant and metallic colors to create these two paintings. For the 'Elephant' and the 'Woman in the City' painting I wanted to use colors that we're complinentary to eachother but yet not commonly used to portray an Elephant or a Woman. The color combinations cause an abstract feel…


How the Fall Inspires my Art

Hi art friends! Today marks the official first day of Fall! Are you as excited as I am? I live in Southern California so I can't say that I get to experience Fall in all its glory, but the fact that I can find pumpkin spiced everything in stores now, puts a smile on my face! One of the best parts of Fall for me is the subtle change in the trees and weather. Yes, it still hits around 90…